The Filmmakers of Tomorrow

* Winner - Young Greenhorn Film Festival 2014 *
* Runner-Up - BFI Future Film Festival 2015 *
* Shortlisted - Barbican Focus Film Festival 2015 *

Every day, Geoff - the Sandyman - heads to his strip of beach. He spends three hours or more a day, sometimes in unbearable heat, crafting a design in the sand, only for it to be washed away once the tide comes in. But he is not saddened by the tide. The water merely resets the canvas for another day.

He's only been crafting for a year. Yet daily practice - rain or shine - has perfected his art. He told me he doesn't look where's he's going when he's indenting the sand; he merely relies on the geometry he uses for theory.

The Sandyman is gathering support and publicity with each day and each new pattern. Locals from Torbay never fail to pause and photograph his territory whilst they stroll along the seafront. Likewise, donations are ever-increasing - deservedly so for such a talented man.


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