the global skin

Winner of The Topic Prize in Center For Storytelling's 'Global Skin' award.

Zona Franca Masili is a female-run business in Nicaragua, producing organic cotton clothing.
Masili was created in the aftermath of the devastating 2001 hurricane Micth, when a group of women, living the camp Nueva Vida, was given a piece of land. During the next three years, while upholding day jobs and supporting their families, they build the sewing factory with their own hands.
Shot in Nicaragua with a production kit fitting in a single shoulder bag, this short was one of my very first projects carried out as a one-man crew.
I had the great fortune of spending time with an amazing group of women with, not only, a valid and important story, but also the willingness to tell it.
Anyone who has worked with short format storytelling knows that its inherent constraints can be a challenge. Luckily I found a unique narrator, Senior member Maria Dahlia, who was able to convay her story in a focused, honest and unsentimental voice, leaving me the space to expand on her words visually.

Project completed while employed by
Shot and Edited by Robert Lund


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