The Good Stuff

Here are some experiments with the Sigma 4.5mm (and one of my favorite sequences with the Sigma 10-20 slipped into the middle). All the full frame fisheye shots were 'de-vignetted' or 'unwrapped' with flexify 2. With the exception of the first two sequences the rest were captured in HDR (3 to 7 brackets). I prefer the 'enhanced reality' HDR to the 'surreal' effect so you will see a bit of thoughtful clipping at the head and toe of the range. I tried my best to knock down the noise on the first shot but with the warping comes magnification of some regions. Reloaded this one a couple of days later after some slight timing rework and removing my neighbors passing in their pontoon boat in the second sequence. Enjoy and thanks for the kind words!

Music __ Artist: Galdson __ Track: Denilio (Creative Commons)


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