The Good Stuff

The track was originally inspired by Antonioni's movie The Passenger (1975): it's about a man who exchanges his identity with that of a man he finds dead, and he ends up sharing the same fate as the man whose identity he took. The idea of the video, taking on a journey by riding other people's point of views, was also based on The Passenger as well as the feeling and mood that the song contains. The POV shot switches every time two individuals make eye contact with each other. In this way, POV shots continuously exchange from one to another.

"Eye contact often happens to us without consciously doing it when someone walks pass. When it happens to me, I'm always curious about how they see me through their eyes, this was how I came up with the core idea of the video."

Directed by Yu Sato
DP: Chris Martin 
Animation: Yu Sato

Alex Barrow, Ana Kazaroff, Cléo Férin, John Waggoner, Luis Honorio, Margot Waggoner, Natty Bo, Nonki Skeef, Sabrina Tabuchi, Sam Cooper, Tabatha Weisgerber

Special thanks to traders in Brixton Village


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