The Good Stuff

The other side of Shanghai:

Unlike many time-lapses, this one is made by hand. All 6,148 were taken manually using a simple Sony Cybershot and a tripod. I had to stand in one place for up to 4 hours, counting to 20 in my head, and take a picture. I hope that this video demonstrates that you don't necessarily need expensive equipment.

This time-lapse video is a tribute to the city that has given me so much; Shanghai.
I wanted to capture the city as it truly is, therefore none of the shots were edited or photoshopped in any way. (With the exception of the intro.)

Personally, I find that the hard work put into a manual time-lapse gives you a much more rewarding feeling, and makes you look at the city through different eyes, seeing movement which you would normally ignore.

Music: Fireweed - Patrick Watson

Special Thanks to:
Stephan Dusault, Reneé Close, Maria Chen, Mr. Lu, Le Royal Meridien, The Ritz-Carlton, and The House of Roosevelt.


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