The Pellicle Group

Written and directed by Emmanuel Rouglan

Shot on 35 mm (Kodak) with anamorphic lenses (Panavision).

Production Company: Humeur Locale
Director of Photography: Sylvain Rodriguez
Sound: Jules Wysocki
Original Soundtrack: Isabelle Van Brabant
Cast: Nathan Gabily, Philippe Durand, Cécile Coustillac, Daniela Labbe Cabrera, Séverine Batier

Traumatized by his girlfriend's suicide, Jakob sleepwalks. He sees a psychiatrist, who gradually throws him off balance. He falls in love with Alice...

The director:
Born in 1982, Emmanuel Rouglan has written and produced plays for more than 10 years. "The Dream Book" is his first movie. He is currently working on his first feature film, in English.

In Official Competition at the Fantastic Film Festival in Lund (Sweden), september 2011.

Screenings in Paris, Peterborough (New Hampshire),...

Quote: "Frightening, disturbing, oppressive. There are physically and psychically violent scenes. The last scene is shocking." The French Approval Commission's motivation for forbidding the film for under 12 in France.

First French film shot with Kodak Vision 3 200T.

Regarding the post-production (35 mm prints): 35mm processing and photochemical timing (no digital intermediate). Digital version for dvds, vimeo....


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