The Storyteller

Logline: Three different women are objectified in three different ways by three different men who are addicted to three different stages of internet pornography.

Synopsis:Arnold watches Teacher-Porn in his bedroom. He fantasises about his teacher in class, transforming her into a sex object. Peet watches MILF-porn at home and fantasises about Arnold’s mother, transforming her into a sex object. Dr. Webber watches Child-Porn and fantasises about Peet’s sister at the tennis match.

Pornography was once only viewed by lonely individuals known as “creeps”. It was until 1990, when technology advanced and the internet was created. Today normal men and women are addicted to internet pornography and more than 70% of men from 18 to 34 visit a pornographic website in a typical month. There are 72 million adults world-wide who visit a pornographic website every month.

“72 million relationships ruined, 72 marriages destroyed, 72 million childhoods corrupted, 72 million lives wrecked …72 million too many.”


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