The Wigglers

A short clip of my performance at the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery October 3 2012.
Performed on eurorack format modular synthesizer, max/msp, tape recorders and transducers in interaction with the Sound Sculpture "Offing" made by Chris Duncan for the three person show "Visible Horizons"
Offing is the furthest most point visible on the horizon. As the horizon is something that can not be physically touched, I decided to interact with the sculpture by not touching it. Instead, I sent sub audio sine waves through transducers that I placed on the walls near the sculpture which caused the walls to vibrate and create the audio of the sculpture.
The two channel video was created for the performance and references my ideas surrounding the "horizon". It was partially created with a Pure Data based video synthesis program.

Here is a link to a room recording of the performance.

Video shot by John Davis on an iPhone


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