The Wigglers

New sound patched on the modular. Very expressive, so let's play with it using the monome and SevenUpLive to control Ableton Live.

We are playing the Modular through Ableton Live using MOTU Volta (Control Voltages through Audio Interface!) and not midi. The bassline is sampled from the same modular sound controlled by SevenUp in a loop. The drums are some of Stretta's modular drum samples being sequenced with SevenUpLive! Thanks Stretta.

So 100% Modular semi realtime with drums and bass sampled, lead realtime.

The reverb is EOS from Audio Damage. Infinite button is mapped in 7up controller and used to sustain and add notes together.

For you modular freaks (yeah you), the Cwejman ADSR is in the bottom left and you can see the green gate light go off when it's firing on the triggers.


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