The Third Dimension

It's not about how high you can get, - you'll always manage to get a little further up - but about how you reached it!

28.3.2014: Two lectures, one flight, 4h of work. Filming is concentrated on the middle part ;)
Why I started filming in the morning? because I had a feeling that it's gonna be badass thermal conditions. So it was, we managed to make a "one day - one Flight". Starting at Schildgrat, it was possible to go up to 2700m and we tried to go in direction Bietenhorn, but we didn't make it and went back to the 5-minute-catapult of Gimmelen-Schildgrat, where it was easy to reach 2700 again, then we could make hight above Wengernalp, Männlichen, Schynige Platte and the Harder, finally landing in the centre of Interlaken.

A flight like a dream, including a nearby crossing of a Steinadler, enjoy it!

Al-Berto & The Fried Bikinis - The World Is Like A Book
The Back Keys - Everlasting Light


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