What do a horse a hawk and a knife thrower have in common?
They're all in our first wedding proposal video!


Jennifer Kim: The Special Lady
Salil Jain: The Man with the Plan (Currently Broke)
Sahib Jain & Sushma Jain: Parents of Salil
Katie & Gregory Kim: Parents of Jennifer
Ellie Dinh: Producer/Expert Liar
Karen Wang: Photographer and Liar in Training |
Collin Frazer: Large Shirtless Man
Andrea J. Gardner: Jump Rope Artist |
Amy Ellen Flatchestedmama Trefsger: Jump Rope Artist |
Manolo Aguilera: Choreographer
Christina Walker: Salsa Dancer
Matthew Bouvier: Knife Thrower | |
Horse Trainer: Tammy Sell |
Kate Marden: Hawk Trainer |
Jana Barkley: Hawk Trainer |
Mitchell Drury: Violin
Alina To: Violin
Christopher Foerstel: Viola
Rebecca Chung Filice: Cello


Kathy Saelee
Deyi Jang
Carol Cruz
Katharine Liang
Sarah Park
Jina Kim


Stephanie Moon
Shinae Kim
Lauren Schram


Parmeshta, Anu, Arshana & Raahil Jain
Sapna Jain
Sungeeta Jain


Michael Gaston: Producer/Director
Blaine Ludy: Producer/Camera Op
Jason Hakala: Producer/DP/Editor
Quang Dinh: Producer//Obsessive About Confetti Guy
Carl Ng: Producer
Canh Nguyen: Camera Op |
Dominic Barbero: Camera Op |
Brent Sharp: Gaffer
Mike Astle: Grip
Chris Kim: Camera Op/Getter of Chicken Salad Sandwiches
Allen Leng: Driver of the Follow Car
Peter Kim: PA/Confetti Cleaner
Rosie Heffernan: Illustrator

Special Thanks to West Coast Falconry, Puget Sound Strings, Northwest Double Dutch, Phoenix Jones, The Gypsy Cowboys and Victory Studios



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