//Computer Music Score for "Mulberry"
//An Invasive Species Video Pamphlet by
//The Baltimore Department of the Invaded.

//Draw an imaginary tree in your mind.
//You see a circle of yellow, which is the trunk.
//It has a creamy sapwood when you sawe it
//beneath it are orange roots.
//it starts with the roots, that are brawniest
//right beneath the trunk

//Out on the branches are berries,
//and they do falle again onto the roots.
//methinks some are even underground
//a gauze of ivy creeps up the trunk,
//which when cut the wood
//it tarnishes from yellow to orange.

//note that youtube does not allow lessthan or greaterthan
//symbols so you must repair them to make this code work.

var grainspawnINDEX,grainspawnTRIG, grainENV, grain;
var rootsENV;
var seasonMODULO, creamwoodINDEX, yellowtoneSCALE;
var yellowtone;
var creepingIVY, ivyTRIG, ivy;
var orangetoneINDEX,orangetoneTRIG, root;
var berriesINDEX, berriesTRIG, berries; grainspawnINDEX = (MouseX.kr(-1,1)*MouseX.kr(-1,1)) + (MouseY.kr(-1,1)*MouseY.kr(-1,1));
grainspawnINDEX = sqrt(grainspawnINDEX);
yellowtoneSCALE = (51*(grainspawnINDEX[lessthan]0.8)); //what is seasone?
seasonMODULO = frac(grainspawnINDEX*36)*40;
//yellowtoneSCALE = Slew.ar(yellowtoneSCALE, 300, 300);
grainspawnTRIG = Dust.kr(yellowtoneSCALE);
creamwoodINDEX = (grainspawnINDEX[greaterthan]0.7)*50 + seasonMODULO;

//"1.628" is "primitive imitation phi"
orangetoneINDEX = (MouseY.kr(0,100)*(MouseY.kr(-1.628,1)[greaterthan]0));
orangetoneTRIG = Dust.kr(orangetoneINDEX);
yellowtone = 1111 - (orangetoneINDEX*8); berriesINDEX = (grainspawnINDEX[greaterthan]0.7)*8;
//methinks some berries should be undergrounds
berriesINDEX = berriesINDEX*(MouseY.kr(-1.628,1)[lessthan]0);
berriesINDEX = berriesINDEX*(grainspawnINDEX-0.7);
berriesTRIG = Dust.ar(berriesINDEX);

// creeping ivy needs 2B implemented, as staccatic clicks of hairy vines creepingIVY = (grainspawnINDEX[greaterthan]0.75)*(grainspawnINDEX[lessthan]0.9);
ivyTRIG = Dust.ar(creepingIVY*4);
grainENV = Env.triangle(1,1); rootsENV = Env.new([0.001,1,0.001],[0.1,10],'exponential');
ivy = TSpawn.ar({ var xylemLIFEFORM,phloemLIFEFORM; var xylem, phloem = 0; xylemLIFEFORM = EnvGen.ar(rootsENV,1,0,30,0,0.01); phloemLIFEFORM = EnvGen.ar(rootsENV,1,0,30,0,0.01); xylem = Saw.ar(yellowtone*10.0.rand+(phloem*100),xylemLIFEFORM); phloem = Saw.ar(yellowtone*10.0.rand+(xylem*100),phloemLIFEFORM); phloem;
}, 1, nil, ivyTRIG,0.003);
//what is the sound of Jeremies' sawe?
grain = TSpawn.ar({ var xylemLIFEFORM,phloemLIFEFORM; var xylem, phloem = 0; xylemLIFEFORM = EnvGen.ar(grainENV,1,0,30,0,0.1); phloemLIFEFORM = EnvGen.ar(grainENV,1,0,30,0,0.1); xylem = Saw.ar(yellowtone+100.0.rand+(phloem*creamwoodINDEX),xylemLIFEFORM); phloem = Saw.ar(yellowtone+100.0.rand+(xylem*creamwoodINDEX),phloemLIFEFORM); phloem;
}, 1, nil, grainspawnTRIG,0.003);
orangetoneINDEX = (MouseY.kr(0,1)*(MouseY.kr(-1,1)[greaterthan]0));
orangetoneTRIG = Dust.kr(orangetoneINDEX);
root = TSpawn.ar({ var bwonkus,strand; bwonkus = EnvGen.ar(rootsENV,1,0,1,0,0.5); strand = LFTri.ar(LFTri.ar(yellowtone*0.85.rand+yellowtone*0.25,bwonkus*orangetoneINDEX*8­0,(yellowtone*0.85*0.25)+yellowtone*0.25.rand),bwonkus); //roots do get the brawniest right beneath the tree Latch.ar(strand,Impulse.ar(abs(MouseX.kr(-8000,8000))))
berries = OverlapTexture.ar({ var bloop,note=1; var innerberryTRIG; innerberryTRIG = Dust.ar(abs(MouseX.kr(-11,11))); //berryes do get calmest in the topmiddle of the tree/screen bloop = Sequencer.ar({ note = note * 1.628; if (note [greaterthan] 19, {note = 11.rand + 2}); note },innerberryTRIG,yellowtone/32,MouseY.kr(1,2)); bloop = Slew.ar(bloop,3000,3000); Resonz.ar(Decay2.ar(berriesTRIG,0.001,0.1,WhiteNoise.ar(10)),bloop,0.002,2)
}, 5,2,18,1,nil,2); root+grain+berries+ivy

}, 500, "mulbroot.aif", 'AIFF', '16 big endian signed'))

j vimeo.com/37054213

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