Each year Lacanau-Ocean hold the Lacanau-Pro surf competition. It attracts thousands of people. Lacanau-Ocean and the nearby town of Lacanau are set amongst incredible pine trees and sand dunes which stretch right to the sandy beaches and ocean. These forests of pine trees and sand dunes characterise the "Les Landes" region in France.

Whilst the masses watched the surf and partied....I went in search of the stars. Here's what I saw....

Video: GH3
Timelapses: 7D, GH3 and 600D

Music used under Creative Commons Attribution/NonCommercial/Share Alike, courtesy of Dexter Britain (Time to run) via Free Music Archive.

The Time To Run (Dexter Britain) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

j vimeo.com/73782581

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