New version: Complete ctm festival in 7 minutes: vimeo.com/11811099

This video was generated by my installation at clubtransmediale 2010. The installation is run by a network of five computers which constantly take pictures and transforms these into several timelapse sequences. These sequences are presented on six large displays at the festival.
All editing and compositing is done automatic by the installation. Current pictures are added to the timelapse stream after about three minutes.
You can watch it live at WMF Club, Berlin until 6. 2. 2010.
Hardware: Five mini/iMacs, two 350D/40D Canon cameras, six plasma/lcd Displays 52" and 65".
Software: Max/Msp+Jitter, Applescript, Keyboardmaestro, Synchronize Pro

Special thanks to satis&fy who sponsored the displays!

Music: RN2-09 PT1 + PT2 by Aoki Takamasa - 2010 Raster-Noton


j vimeo.com/9157499

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