This is a video I made out of approximately 5,000 individual photos I took while staying at "Hacienda Cerritos" during the Geminids meteor shower (From December 11 to December 17 2012). Unfortunately for me, the day of the peak activity and the days before and after got completely cloudy and overcast so I wasn't able to photograph the night sky, but here's the footage I was able to compile, hope you like it.

Thanks to Bignic for his song "All we are" which is used as the background sound (bignic.bandcamp.com/)

Also a big thanks to Hacienda Cerritos (haciendacerritos.com/) and the Cerritos Surf Colony (cerritossurfcolony.com/) where this footage was taken.

I used two cameras (Nikon D7000 and D5000) with a variety of lenses, a few tripods and a Dynamic Perception Stage One dolly. For composing the scenes and de-flickering, I used LRTimelapse.

j vimeo.com/58165628

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