Matthijs Munnik // Citadels: Common Structures [2013]

Live recordings from the opening of Sonic Acts 2013 in Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

As a window to a virtual world, Lightscape visualises an abstract universe composed only of light and sound, exploring the borders of our sensory hardware. While the eye tries to make sense of the sensory overload, a dazzling display of highly detailed patterns and colour combinations is formed in the retina and fed to the brain: the curious phenomena you see are created by the eye itself, induced by the flickering lights. The effect is impossible to capture on video or in text; it can only be experienced in real life.

Project // Matthijs Munnik
Videography // Tanja Busking

Special thanks:
Stefan Kroon, Gabey Tjon a Tham, Frank Niessen, Ciling Nederland, Marije Baalman, Tanja Busking, Marcel Kerkmans, Sonic Acts curatorial team

Made possible by:
Mondriaan fonds, Sonic Acts, Stedelijk Museum

'Citadels: Common Structures' is commissioned by Sonic Acts.


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