Travel / Viaggio

This year I did a pilgrimage to the antipode of my hometown, Stockholm.
I travelled over 30,000km throughout Europe, the Middle-East, India, Nepal, Southeast Asia and Australia, mostly by train, bus or boat, to make it to the opposite side of the world 6 months later. Here's what I captured on the way!

Some stats:
Out of the total distance, 11,800km was spent on trains, 8,800km on buses, 6,900km in the air, 1,800km on boats, 700km in cars or on motorcycles and (very) roughly 700km of trekking through the Himalaya.
The highest point visited would be Chhukkung Ri in Nepal at 5546m as seen at 03:19.
...and the song is "No Way" by The Naked & Famous


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