Traveler's and Filmmaker's

I wanted to honour the beauty & beautiful peoples of Pond Inlet in this piece. It was not easy to shoot video in -30C / -22F weather all alone... I had my 7d freeze up on me once because I left it in the shade. I had only one day to capture the town of Pond Inlet.
I could not of done this video without the help of the Z-Finder from Zacuto it performed flawlessly in extreme conditions.

What a great honour for me to have Paul Hamilton
write another perfect musical piece to match the beauty & positive vibes from this little community in the middle of nowhere. It was _very_ cold but the people were so warm hearted. Your intuitive 6th sense never seizes to amaze me Paul. Merci mon ami !!

It's scored for full orchestra: strings, brass, woodwinds & timpani, 2 accordions, 2 guitars, glockenspiel, celesta, handbells. The Inuit throat singing & chorus he multi tracked.

Recorded with Logic Studio (between train stops - city life).

Shot with the Canon 7d 10-22mm 3.5/4.5f & 5d Mark II 70-200mm 2.8f & 50mm 1.4f.

Special Thank you to Michelle Valberg for giving me the opportunity to experience the Upper Arctic.

Her work with Project North is very inspiring.

Videographer & Editor: Sylvain Renaud

Edited on a Macrosystem S-4100

Produced by: Reno Video productions


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