Traveler's and Filmmaker's

Playing with the GOPRO 3, mounted on a bike in various positions. The splitscreens are edited with a little time delay. I was a bit frightened for the camera sometimes, because there was just enough space to take some nice angle shots (for instance the innerside wheel shot). Hoping the camera wouldn't move a little bit to the left or right, to collide with other moving parts of the bike, but all went well... pfff :-)

Música para LR en el CCB 1
by ferrie = differentieel
composition and midi sequence Luis Rojas (Argentina)

2013 Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0

ferrie = differentieel Audio Log — a Collection of Sounds ( )
about the song Música para LR en el CCB 1 – een variant op een compositie van Luis Rojas ( )

Luis Rojas


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