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The end of our trip was capped off with a trip up north to Murchison Falls National Park. The park has one of the best waterfalls in the region and tons of animals. We stayed a Paraa lodge, a very western style place that was quite a change from our lodging of the past two weeks. We went on a boat ride on the nile to the base of the falls and saw many birds and water-animals on the journey. The next morning we went on a game drive and got some great views of Giraffes, Kob's, Hartebeasts, Crested Cranes, and Buffalo. The most exciting part of the day was when we saw a lioness stalk and chase it's prey. The lioness missed, but the scene was quite intense. We happened across a herd of elephants that walked right past our truck and then headed back home later in the day.

The next day (Sunday), on our way to the airport, we stopped by a Bari-speaking congregation in Kampala. This is one of the key languages WOH broadcasts in in Uganda and Sudan. We joined in for part of the church service and even got in on some of the jump-dancing. Overall the trip was quite amazing. The people were SO friendly, the places were eye-opening and the wildlife was superb. I would definitely go back in an instant.

j vimeo.com/10450153

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