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We went to the Canary Islands to shoot the FLYPA festival, which features paragliding, base jumping, and speedflying. While we were there, we shot a bunch of scenics and culture. I thought it would be fun to edit some of the broll footage in a short piece for the web. Just a bunch of cool shots to look at and people to wonder about, that's it.

The island we went to is Tenerife and the town is Los Realejos. Also shown is Cross Day, a huge holiday for the region. I called it 'Visitor' because everyone looked at us like strangers, even the dogs and other animals. However, the people were very friendly when you talked to them.

Cameras used were the EX-1 and some HVX200s. Ariel shots were from a paraglider.

j vimeo.com/2422081

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