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08.23 Dovrebanen Trondheim S Oslo S - Part 1 Trondheim S – Dombås December 11 2012
First part of this journey to Oslo covering the ride passing the Dovre mountain area and to the Dombås station. Second part vimeo.com/58116792 , third part vimeo.com/58816454 . Some minor reflections in the window and some minor unfixed editing bound to be fixed in a replaced version. Having a seat in the carriage behind the locomotive and using tables by the coffee automate/newspaper stand to get a more fixed place for the Handycam. Edited in Sony Vegas. Sony HDR-CX260
About Dovrebanen en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dovre_Line

11:07 Oppdal
34:29 Kongsvoll
41:51 Hjerkinn 1016 m above sea level
1:03:00 Dombås

j vimeo.com/57562149

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