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STATA IN LIGHT. Part of series call "Finding Transience: Influence of Tectonics on Spacial Qualities"

Image of MIT is that of a place where research exceeds all other schools. Therefore, it is associated as a place where students are primary in labs and that research dominates student life. The campus and its architecture, often overshadowed by the research, are assumed "Lifeless."

However, known by most students and faculty of the school of Architecture, MIT is a diverse architecture playground. While there are activities and interaction between students and visitors in these spaces, the architecture itself has a life its own. MIT's architecture remains timeless and monumental; its quality enhanced only by the subtle changes of light. It remains and has always been far from "Lifeless".

This video was created to document these qualities in the form of a timelapse video of Gehry's Stata Center @ Mit. It is not so much as a celebration of architectural but more uncovering the qualities of the space that architects are able to envision as they were designing the space. It will reveal relationship between tectonics and spatial qualities or effect. It will show the "life" and liveliness of the architecture with subtle changes in light.

Song: Tifa's Theme by Nobuo Uematsu


1. A wedding photo session
2. The assholes that tried to touch my camera to take some self portraits
3. The final shot is not an image.........

Full screen view is the best!

j vimeo.com/58793207

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