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when i think of greg, i recall a scene in a movie where a guy is in stocks being publicly humiliated and is going to miss the competitions he's been training for the whole movie, and his friends are standing guard over him, protecting him from all the angry townspeople. the king comes by and releases him, saying he knows the man's character by the way his friends love him.

that's greg.

this film is the next in the story portrait film series.

greg is a human i got to know over the last few months, who has a rapidly changing story that inspired and spoke to me. i wanted to capture just a piece of the life that God has called him to live, and share it through the medium of film. i invite you to sit down, quiet the distractions, keep your palms open, and enjoy the story.

greg is not a man to sit idly by when the opportunity to charge lies open before him.

this is greg, and this is his story.

watch part one at vimeo.com/53099473 featuring TJ NEWELL and the journey he is on.

j vimeo.com/60277318

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