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This video for April is a little bit late on schedule, but here it is!

As you may know, spring in Japan means cherry blossom. Misasa is also a pretty city during spring with a lot of cherry trees around the town.

The video first shows a little park where elder people go to play ground golf. There are dozens of different varieties of cherry trees in this park. I cannot show them all, but the pink ones I shot are called Shidarezakura. They are still young and tiny trees but are pretty.

Then it introduces few places in the center of the town, where we can see different kind of cherry trees, until one of the main spots located near a bridge called Kajika. I went there with friends to have lunch together, and then came back later to shoot more footage. The variety of cherry trees there was not written, so I don't know it, but to me it looks like a type that we commonly see in Japan.

The last part introduces the Mitoku Cherry Trees, a variety of cherry that grows only near Mount Mitoku. You can notice several differences in colors (different shades from white to purple and pink!), as well as in the shape of the tree itself.

I am not sure I managed to show the poetry of cherry blossoms in this video, but I hope you will enjoy it.
I tried to reveal the beautiful colors of flowers because they where a little bit washed up by the video camera.
I hope it is not too much, let me know if I should correct it.

"All the World" by Jenny Mayhem (jennymayhem.ca)

j vimeo.com/65201377

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