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The dilapidated and forgotten island of Agistri.

Produced by Jack & Nathaniel Durman.

Creating two distinctive moods through cinematography and sound were the main goals of this film. We first show the island in its old form, a vibrant and flourishing setting filled with life. Using film grain and colour correction (CC) this mood is achieved. Saturation of the colours and a small vignette for each shot eases the viewer into the film. Toro y Moi's 'Intro / Chi Chi' is an upbeat track with a fast tempo allowing for the edit to not dwell on one shot for too long, therefore creating an overwhelming pace, and aiding to the contrast between two moods within the piece.

Aphex Twin's 'Blue Calx' fades in slowly and has a very slow tempo, with recurring single beats and occasional haunting melodies. The colour palette is capped to mainly blues, greens and whites in this portion of the film. Keeping lighter colours out was a priority to enable the stark and bleak look to the piece. Everything from the wide cliff shots to the claustrophobic ruin sequence reinforces the mood.

CC really determined the look and feel of 'Agistri', before and after shots are provided below to show this.

Shot on a Canon 5D MKIII (50mm f1.4, 17-40mm f4), a Canon 600D (18-55 f3.5) and a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition.

Visuals edited in FCPX, audio mixed in Logic Pro.

Music is Toro y Moi's 'Intro / Chi Chi' & Aphex Twin's 'Blue Calx'.

j vimeo.com/68814887

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