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Helllllllo Friends to travel video #1.

Here is a documentation of my week long layover in Fiji. All Footage is taken on the Island of Viti Levu near Nandi. As you may have expected Fiji is..... nice, superb really, absoluty top notch. If you get the opportunity to visit you really should grab a coco nut, glue on your boardshorts and get ready to relax. To really do Fiji right you will want to hop around to some of the more remote northern Islands. This of course comes with a higher pricetag than the poor mans Fiji experience that I chose.

My experience was indeed cheap but not one I would change for the world. I stayed at the Bamboo Hostel, about a 5-10 drive from the Nandi airport. After a free airport shuttle that the hostel provided I arrived to possibly the friendliest staff I have ever seen. They seemed more like old friends than hospitality workers. What the hostel may have lacked in: food options, nice facilities, and luxurious amenities was compensated by: its on beach location, full bar, and $6.50 a night price tag.

I met some really great Germans named John and Eva who feature highly in this video. they also resurface in videos and photos in australia, so stay tuned for that. It is incredible the number and gusto with which the Germans are traveling these days. It is estimated that over a million Germans are traveling in NZ and Australia each year! Compared to those countries respective populations that is a butt load of Germans! So naturally many of the travelers I have met are German, and let me tell you, contrary to popular belief they are a friendly and quite hilarious bunch.

So John and Eva and myself had ourselves a pretty awsome little adventure in Fiji. I will not bore you with the details, just the sun soaked highlights. We were shown around the island by a mid 50's Elvis impersonator from Jersey that was performing (rather lacklusterly) at a neighboring hotel. We heard about a remote water fall so we searched the town for a cabby with a 4x4 that was willing to take us to it for the day. after a pretty sketchy hour and a half drive and a 2 hour hike through complete jungle we made it to a water fall that was beautiful and does not see many visitors. I was climbing some magical trees that I assume were the inspiration for the movie Ferngully, when a branch broke and I had a pretty wicked fall. I was okay but I got pretty scratched up all over my chest and arms, and I broke a toe (no worries it was a little one). While my injuries were not severe it made swimming in the ocean feel like being hit with the cruciatus curse (harry potter refference #1). We also spent many days relaxing on the beach and playing driking games with Fiji Bitter (the local beer of choice).

My other favorite highlight was the nightly kava driking that occured. Kava is a drink that is made from grinding the root of a pepper and combining it with water. It has a calming effect that produces mild euphoria, numbness, and sense of well being. Before you think wow of course you liked the psychedelic tea sessions, understand that when I say it has mild effects I mean extremely mild. They give it to children dailey and it produces little head change if any. That said, the kava sessions were loads of fun. They would never announce where they would be but as you were walking around the property or beach you could find a group of Fijians with a spattering of tourists playing guitars singing and driking kava. It was lots of fun, my sublime cover was massively popular with a couple of the locals.

The cultural climate in fiji was an interesting blend between the native fijians and the people of Indian decent that were brought to the island as a labor force when colonized by the British. These two populations are very different to one another and it appears there is much termoil between the two. The country as a whole is extremely poor, and as it is in many third world resort type countries it is a little shocking to see the polarity between the extravegance of the tourism industry and an eight person family living in a shack made of coregated steel.

This video simply gives you a glimpse into the Fiji life. I highly recomend that you check it out for yourself if you have the opportunity. I intended on making a regular video blog while I traveled, but I think I will follow this format of posting a video and description that is based on an event or location. This way the video quality will be a bit more exciting and you can read about the details.

I'm in Australia now and good things are on the way. Please subscribe to keep up with my adventures and tell your friends! End of self-promotion.

Music: When the night feels my song by Bedouin Soundclash

j vimeo.com/79057619

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