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Song of the Waves
Original Poem by CCPoetryNow.

Only the waves
With all their messages
Flow in calmness,
Calmness in which we throw
All turmoil,
Wave upon wave is cast
Helpless into a depth of calm.

As our motion
Splinters the helm
Helpless on granite rock
So our turmoil, our restlessness
Our business
Our fixed time consciousness
Splinters before us.

How vast is our calm
Accepting, enveloping, consuming
And still we flow,
Silent, open, a perfect mirror
Where we see all mysteries
Where we see only Self,
Our complexity of relation
Mingling, co-mingling as one.

What words can we place
On such mystery?
What force can ruffle
Our depths?
Holder of secrets
Reveal to us our song
Our mystery we would know
Our song we sing.

Even when our storm
Breaks with all force
Our heart is calm,
Our heart is constant.
We see beneath the depths of rage,
Of sorrow
Our smile, our laughter
Free of pretence.

We know the illusion of passing
Ferocity, of endless forms
Moving ceaselessly forward
Sifting and sorting surfaces.

In storm , in still
We watch our activity
Swimming within and around us.
How can we say farewell?

Waves flowing shores ever present
Knowing no beginning no end
One generation after another
Rising, falling
All with changing appearances
All inseperably linked.

Song of the waves
Incessantly sounding
Saturates sea, earth and sky
Unfathomed , in
Light of inner sun
We plumb all hidden depths.
Our voice,
As the voice of many waters
Roars throughout all.

Waves transcending self
We sail your shores and find
We are just where we are
Here, everywhere
Paradoxically nowhere
We are all, in all
Roundabout all.

Bathed in wisdom, in joy
We have nowhere to seek
Having always already arrived
One with infinite sea.

Ocean of light, life, of love
You have become me.


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