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I love walking.
So I came up with an idea that people could use their fingers to walk on a screen to experience all the road they have walked. This idea has been around for about 2 years and I finally found the suitable design and media to realize it. After 2 prototypes, Steps is the final work I achieved.

I went to UCLA to study media arts in graduate school 3 years ago, and the life in Los Angeles for 2 and half years gives me a totally different feeling from Beijing, which I was born in and lived there for 22 years. And earlier this year I moved to Tokyo for a better carrier path making installations. Another different feeling.

Among all the cities I have been to, roads are all different, however my walking pace stays the same. I realized this may make me missed something, cause when I look back my time in every different city, every different road, every single of them had a special memory, a special color - which I could not tell when I was walking on it. Thus I tried to visualize this experience with this work.

We are growing up when we walk, we are missing and gaining, we are experiencing and enjoying every single moment when we steps. This work is visualizing all this.

The work has been made in an imaginational-realism style, all the things appear are seen made with paper, but they will give you a nostalgic realistic feeling that gradually immerse users into this magical yet real world of steps.

Along the road you will collect several postcards, each of which is a symbol of this part of road, they are both gifts from the memory and the gifts you could share with others.

This experimental work is coming to App Store for iPad very soon.

Original Concept Seph Li
Art Direction Yangzi She
Seph Li
Model/Rendering/Level Design Yangzi She
Graphic Design/Programming Seph Li
Music Jennifer Dirkes

Built with Cinder libcinder.org

this teaser video's credits also goes to Yangzi She.

j vimeo.com/74375688

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