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Starring -- Aaron Merken & K.C. Morgan
Director of Photography -- Eric Casaccio
Edited, Produced, Written & Directed by Eric Casaccio
© Eric Casaccio -- Plus One Productions -- 2010


Queens City Film Festival, 2013 (NOMINEE - Best LGBT Film)
Studio City Film Festival, 2013
The Valley Film Festival, 2012
American Independent Film Festival, 2012 (WINNER: Best LGBT Project)
Silent River Film Festival, 2012
International Fetisch Film Festival (Germany), 2012
South Texas Underground Film Festival, 2012
Northeast Outreelz International Film Festival, 2012
Indie Gathering International Film Festival, 2012 (WINNER: Best Drama-Comedy Short Film)
Los Angeles International Film Festival of the Bizarre, 2012
North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, 2012
CNKY LGBT Film Festival, 2012
CineSLAM - Vermont's LGBTQ Film Festival, 2012
Outview - Athens International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, 2012
Kansas City Film Festival, 2012
Independent Filmmakers Showcase Film Festival - Hollywood, 2012 (WINNER: Best GLBT Short Film)
Sunset International Film Festival - Los Angeles, 2012 (WINNER: Best Makeup in a Short)
All Things Hollywood Film Festival (Runner Up: Best LGBT Film)
Toronto Independent Film Festival, 2011 (WINNER: Best LGBT Film)
Burbank International Film Festival, 2011 (WINNER: Best Drama)
Film Out San Diego, 2011 (WINNER: Best Short Film Male Division)
Action On Film International Film Festival, 2011 (WINNER: Best Actor in a Short - RUNNER UP: Best LGBT Project)
Minneapolis Underground Film Festival, 2011
Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival, 2011
NJ State Film Festival at Cape May, 2011
Tallgrass Film Festival, 2011
European Film Festival, 2011
The Other Venice Film Festival, 2011
Cinema Diverse - Palm Springs Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, 2011
North Louisiana Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, 2011
Louisville LGBT Film Festival, 2011
Q Cinema - Fort Worth's Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, 2011
Santa Catalina Film Festival, 2011
Boston Underground Film Festival, 2011
Cinekink, 2011


Award of Merit, The Indie Fest, 2012
Award of Excellence, Accolade Competition, 2011
Honorable Mention, Los Angeles Movie Awards, 2011
Award of Merit, Best Shorts Awards Winner, 2011


"The director is nothing but skillful as he draws a fully formed character struggling with insecurities that are both uniquely personal and still universal" - Scott's Movie Comments (Scott Larson)

"the acting of Aaron Merken is ridiculously strong" - Film Threat (Mark Bell)

"extremely entertaining" - Film Threat (Mark Bell)

"a work delivered from the heart" - Gay Celluloid (David Hall)

"Aaron Merken gives a powerhouse performance that could of been laughably camp, but instead is an anguished look inside a desperate soul" - Lavender Magazine (John Townsend)

"poignantly captures the sheer hurt of living a life filled with ridicule and abuse" - Gay Celluloid (David Hall)

"Casaccio cleverly uses object motifs and repetition to tell a story" - That Gay Movie (Nick Feather)

"Aaron Merken gives an all-too-human performance" - That Gay Movie (Nick Feather)

"...a bit of hope if you ever felt like an outcast yourself" - Rogue Cinema (Brian Morton)

"The acting and directing are confident" - Edge Media (Brian Callaghan)

"A memorable little gem" - Edge Media (Brian Callaghan)

"Casaccio delivers a happy ending that is sure to make you smile" - Connextions Magazine (Shelly Straub)

"Aaron Merken is amazing as he plays the part of someone who has no touch with reality and is at the verge of breaking"- Reviews by Amos Lassen (Amos Lassen)

"a very welcome film" - Reviews by Amos Lassen (Amos Lassen)

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