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Mumbai 2025 is a futuristic, noir film. Directed by Thomas Jacob, the film is set in Mumbai, India in 2025. Sporadic but deadly terror attacks continue to hit the city. Despite years of double-digit economic growth, the gap between the rich and the poor continues to grow. The wealthy live in the high-rises while the poor languish in the slums. Amidst all this, an ultra-nationalist political party has come to power.

The film has been:
Finalist, by2coffee Film Festival 2011
Winner, Euroshorts, Screened in Warsaw and 15 cities across Poland
Special Screening, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt 2011
Official Selection, Geneva International Short Film Festival, 2011
Market Screening, Clemont-Ferrand Film Festival 2011
Market Selection, Pusan International Film Festival, Korea, 2010
Official Selection, Damascus International Film Festival, 2010
Official Selection, Black Knight Film Festival, Malta, 2010
Official Selection, 242 Short Film Festival, Italy, 2010

j vimeo.com/20948565

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