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The imaginary story of „Doctor Satan“, whose head was estranged to him by a demon. The story of the head and the demon of Hitler’s highway pillar developes in a narrative short film inspired by the Norwegian composer of black metal, Varg Vikernes.

The most obscure piece is Grishnackh (2012) – inspired by the Norwegian black metal musician Vargem Vikernsem, using the pseudonim Count Grishnackh. This work was created by the pair together. Grishnackh was a membere of the band Mayhem and is the conductor of the band Burzum, in 2003 he murdured Euronymous (a membere of Mayhem, where Grishnackh played in earlyier). In this abstract portrait, from the beginning to the end, the symbols like a burning skul, a cross, or a svastika or hood of the kukluxklan are dominating. The video takes place at the dam in Brno, on the place the the pillar stands, which was built during World War 2 as a base for the future magistrate. Before this moment of fascism, a woman’s figure stands motionlessly, dressed in a black kukluxklan costume with a white svastika on her chest and a burning human skull pinned on a wheel. The reproduction of more shocking motifs situated in „home“ environment can be ethincly indigestible and cause negative reactions for several audience memberes, or can be marked as „entartete kunst“.

- Zuzana Janečková, VLNA magazine 55/2013

j vimeo.com/35897391

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