Unit 15

[Traume] : from german extraction means dream, and also where the english word for “trauma” is derived.

the patient, an architect, is in a state of being consciously unconscious; where his basic understanding of spatial and temporal functioning is dissociated from ‘reality’.

Where possible I have used screen captures of 3D wireframe images to describe the scene, elsewhere sketches / text.

Next Steps:
1] complete one scene
2] narration » from the exterior [what the patient will hear]
3] subtitles » from the interior [what the patient is thinking]
4] construct the scenes that are remaining and render those out.
5] effects in AE.
6] audio
7] edit in PPro.

If there is time, some of the sequences (esp. the corridor sequences) will be enhanced by projecting onto a manipulated 3D surface.

j vimeo.com/19133418

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