Though the opportunity of an exchange program between the School of Beaux-Arts in Paris and the Art Center College in Pasadena, L.A, I was able to study the history of the disappearance of Owens’s Lake, California.
The diversion of water from Owens’s Lake (situated 300 miles north of L.A) began in the 1910's. An enormous system of canals and dams was constructed to feed the city. But, as the desert was transformed into one of the most important megalopolis in the world, its spring was steadily drying up. At the present time, the Valley is a desert of salt. Toxic particles volatilize into dust clouds. Army bases located in the surroundings have complained to the Water and Power Department, and irrigation of the lake is now being considered.

Since I study the History of the Owens lake, I’ve been searching any information about water and it effect on human behavior. It began by studying two vanishing lakes situated in California and Russia. The Russian lake of Bolotnikovo disappeared overnight in May 2005.
These lakes are linked by an urban myth born in Russian people’s mind. It is said that Americans have dried the lake out by digging a huge tunnel from USA to Russia. I’m interested to see the old Cold War fears live on in a fight over water. Starting with those facts I blend science with myth and fiction to make an artistic movie.

In September 2005, I went to Russia to investigate the mystery further. I met numerous professionals. They explain me the scientific cause of the vanishing lake. Besides a few years ago a power plant disappeared, as did parts of roads, some buildings…Then I learned that all the lakes are link together by underground tunnel.
With the help of the speleologist, I began to search for the tunnel under the Pacific Ocean linking Bolotnikovo to Owens Lake. And Politics and Urban myth began to merge together...

j vimeo.com/87952680

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