Underwater Video

The Yellowhead Jawfish is a 2- to 3-inch fish which is often seen with the head and upper section of its body protruding from its burrow, but sometimes it can be found hovering nearby.
It's a mouthbrooder, with males carrying the eggs in the mouth until they hatch, which occurs within five to seven days. Until then, he will incubate them in his mouth, often performing "chuming": spitting the eggs out of the mouth and then sucking them back in. This helps aerate the eggs and remove waste. You can see this happen after one minute of the video.
The age of the eggs can be determined from their color. When first laid, they are yellowish and by the third day they have turned to a clutch of silver spheres.
I've filmed this male at Chain Reef, Grand Cayman. Ambient light, no filters, no color correction.

j vimeo.com/44003072

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