BDE aka the best day ever aka Lowlifer`s second birthday. It was really awesome and I hope it will be even more awesome in the next year :) Additional filming by August Tammik who was my co driver and co gangster and few GoPro clips by Martin Liiv. There were 36 low cars plus some more, which didn't took part from the lowest competition.

Some pictures and blog post about the birthday -

Lowest (Plastic and soft parts didn't count, only metal):
1) Martin`s BMW E28 (matte red) - 25mm from the ground
2) Esha`s BMW E28 (dark gray) - 35mm from the ground
3) Ruwe`s VW Corrado - 40mm from the ground

Limbo king:
1) Aleksandr`s BMW E36 (with BMW Style 5`s)

Public favorite:
1) Kaspar`s Renault Clio - 17 votes
2) Ruwe`s VW Corrado - 8 votes
3) Rauno`s BMW E46 (blue with white wheels) - 5 votes

Best stretch:
1) Rauno`s BMW E46 (blue with white wheels)
2) Hendrik`s BMW E46 (black universal)

Special price:
Aigi - our best female member with his BMW E36 (red)

Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Pictures (GZUS Remix)
Bill Withers - Lovely Day
Mac Miller - BDE Bonus


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