Awaking to a beautiful morning in Thurso, I had a few hours to kill awaiting my ferry. Upon hearing John o groats, was not all it cracked up to be. I traveled up the road to Dunnet Head, the most Northerly point of mainland Britain. to find a tiny trail down to the cliff....a trail....any excuse!

Then the adventure truly began. Leaving the car behind. I remembered how the bicycle is truly a great machine. Normally it provides me with fun and thrills on the hills, but now it was now my main form of transport as if I were a child again. Sampling several pints of the local brew and meeting the friendly Orcadians.....What could go wrong?

This just goes to show even in the UK, there are plenty of places that are remote and real adventures can still be had.

Going back to the reason of my trip. The old naval base was on the Isle of Hoy, which also contained Orkney's highest hill, Ward Hill.

In honour of my Grandad, I would be the first person to ascend/descend Ward hill on a mountain bike..... According to the locals anyway.

But not everything in life goes according to plan....


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