I am opening Google Earth... I am flying above the country and looking for the next hill that I would like to add to the list of places which I have visited and ridden down... I think I found it. The photos give impression of riding in a big rocky city. The place is wonderful. The trail will be probably one of the more difficult and I don’t need any more...
So here we are. What I suspected is confirmed. A difficult ride in "The Rocky Town" with the inhabitants nowhere to be found. The mistakes are pricey here. We are starting our ride with respect and humbleness, accompanied only by a flock of greycrows circling above my head right at the moment when I am getting on the bike... Does it indicate something?... Respect!
Big thanks goes to Patrik who was willing to act as my shooter and my buddy.

Thanks to:,

Video filming with Panasonic GH1, lenses 14-140mm, 7-14mm


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