Earlier this year we went on roadtrip around the Scottish Highlands with Voodoo Unicycles. It was an amazing week with the guys riding a variety of terrains, tackling different objects all with a breathtaking backdrop - The Highlands!

The sport is as far from the stereotype of circus or street performance as you can imagine. Like all urban sports, it’s a matter of being creative and utilising objects designed for a completely different purpose.

This event was organised by Voodoo Unicycles, the UK’s only Extreme Unicycling display team. The team was founded by Jason Auld and Edd Hawkes in an attempt to promote the fledgling sport to a mainstream audience. So far the team have performed across the globe at events as high profile as the Formula One Grand Prix and the recent Paralympic games in London. Trips like this one are all part of the teams goal to provide a brighter future for a sport that rarely gets the attention and credit it deserves.

For more info on Voodoo Unicycles or Extreme Unicycling in general check out their website: and keep an eye on our blog for upcoming collaborations.

Thank you to everyone that helped make this project possible!!

Riders - Jason Auld, Edd Hawkes, Mike Taylor and Alfred Hawkes

Beard Askew Productions
Jade Beard: Producer
Tim Askew: Camera and Editing


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