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Got blood?

Better yet, need blood?

Here's a focused reel featuring some of our work on films both big and small, all requiring a bit of the old "red red kroovy". Be warned though, some of it isn't for the squeamish. Admit it though, that makes you want to push 'play' even more, amirite?

We're the first to advise: exhaust practical options for blood gags in your films. But we know, because we've produced our own features and shorts as well, that sometimes wardrobe changes, makeup prep and on-set delays or touchy location agreements can be compelling reasons to consider a post production solution.

If you just can't get it "in camera" and need a digital solution you'll want to go with artists that strives for as photographic a look as possible, who're not going to simply slap over the same, dull, royalty-free stock footage elements everyone on YouTube has access to and who will tailor a solution to your unique requirements.

Several of the examples in this reel are from independent films with little or no budget and little or no time. Digital blood and gore can still be a visceral viewing experience and we strive for maximum impact with each project.

There is no "button" for these effects. These are not created by software. These are crafted, sometimes frame by frame, using a combination of both art and science, intuition and mathematics.

j vimeo.com/69217236

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