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Recently, googling, I found an article about how optical fiber works. It's an amazing technology with huge amount of application field, from telecommunications to light design. So I decided to experiment to recreate something similiar, this is more an artistic view then a real world and photorealistic interpretation.
In the video there are 6 shot with 3 different categories: Gold fibers, Blue Glitter fibers and Real fibers.

Gold fibers are growing lines with gold/brown color palette and glow spots that moves along fibers.

Blue Glitter fibers are static lines (something like a freeze time effect) with blue color and a little glittering particles along fibers.

Real fibers are static swirling lines, in this setup I tried to recreate the real-world optic fibers.

The particle setup It's very simple I played a lot with turbulence setting to give a nice shape to fibers. The greater part was the custom magma setup to give glitter and blech effect.

I tried to lowering the render time as much as possible so I decided to export Zdepth pass and made DOF in compositing (except for the Real fibers).

In 1 day I made all the compositing stuff and was very fun. I imported my Beauty, emission and Zdepth passes and composited together. After I added a Trapcode Particular layer for small particles to give a nice atmosphere.

The last step was the editing in premiere, I already established from the beginning the shot sequence simply grabbing from viewport some preview and after I replaced them with the final shot.

This project was very fun, I read tons of articles about optical fiber technology and researched a lot of references from optical fiber to bioluminescence pictures and I found very interesting stuff. One of the challenges was keep clean and organized the pipeline.

The music is:

Faki-Endless Fall

A great Turkish musician. Check out his Soundcloud(soundcloud.com/fakibinboga) he made interesting stuff!!

j vimeo.com/97653751

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