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Croaking Morogodo (Anurodion Artiodata)

Having some resemblances with the Antilope, the Morogodo also belongs to the herbivore family.
It's an animal that roams alone through the forests in Pantagonia. Living in such an environment alone, the Morogodo almost lost all their hearing, but in counterpart they developed some habilities as their ancestor ,the chameleon, having eyes that can survey the area while feeding, aswell as the extensive tongue, that able them to eat the highest juicy leaf's.
Having the lack of numbers to resist predators attemps, Morogodo is equiped with strong forepaws with big claws.
This particular species during the mating season, echoes their calls through the forest in order to captivate the female, filling up the pouch with air and showing off it's vivid colors.

j vimeo.com/81877085

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