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This is a piece for solo bass guitar with live looping. The looping technique, using Ableton Live software, is used to repeat phrases in real time as I play, creating layers of sound. If the thought of six or seven bass guitars all playing at the same time (arghh!) doesn't fill you with joy, I've tried to create different sounds in each layer by playing my bass through a Roland V-Bass module to get different tones. I also 'looped' the video on this to illustrate the technique - I hope it doesn't distract from the fact that what you're listening to is a live performance. The real-time performance is in colour, and the 'virtual' parts in black and white.
In this piece I explore some of the effects that happen when you superimpose patterns with different rhythmic subdivisions. The time signature is 15/4, which can be subdivided as 3x5 or 5x3 so you will hear various combinations of those. 'Fives and Threes' is also the name of a game played with dominoes, in which the only numbers which score are combinations of 5 and 3. It was a favourite of my Dad's, who played it with his mates in the pub. I don't think he would have liked this, though. He was more of a Country and Western man!


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