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The night before this portion of the video, I spent fighting a mild fever, which was probably caused from a lack of a night's worth of sleep and from riding Tower of Terror like 6 times in a row. The microwavable bean burritos and pizza that Manuel and I ordered were pretty comforting. I guess I passed the fuck out and was snoring amuck... allegedly.. (according to my bunkmate, Jake).

So this is the second day of our trip. I woke up feeling a million times better. We ate the complementary breakfast that the Peacock Suites provided. I copped like 7 oranges. Then we headed back to Disneyland and CA Adventure.

I got to film a few of the rides (tower of terror, california screamin, mickey's fun wheel, teacups), so you guys get the POV experience. If you don't want to watch this whole episode, then please please please just watch 3:19-6:55... One of the last rides we went on was Mickey's Fun Wheel. It's essentially just a swaying human sized bird cage. It's also EJ's favorite ride.


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