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"One Town, 50 different People, One very difficult Question"
Fifty People One Question - Galway

A short film which brough together people from furthest corners of the world...
Its impact on the audience, inspirational content, reaction in the media in various countries, as well as the global popularity are incredible and indisputable. We are delighted we gave you the opportunity to watch it and experience it in many different ways. Thank you for watching it and sharing it with your close ones.

I made this short movie few months ago, with the help of my friends and college mates.
It is based on the 'Fifty People One Question' series made by
It is based in Galway and it was shot in November 2010.
Shot in High Quality on Cannon 550D.

Fifty People One Question...
Hope you will all enjoy it.
I appreciate any critique and suggestions so please feel free to comment and contact me.
Phone number: (00353) 868910692
FaceBook: KamilFilms -!/profile.php?id=100002501040241

Songs used in the production and iTune links where you can buy them:
1)Wilson Phillips - Go Your Own Way []
2)Hans Zimmer - You're So Cool ('True Romance' soundtrack)
3)Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth []
4)John Powell, Pete Anthony, Don Harper, Blake Nelly & The Hollywood Studio Symphony - The Moon And The Superhero (Hancock Soundtrack)
5)Rachel's - Water From the Same Source []

Director: Kamil Krolak
Assistant Dir: Fintan Warfield
Director of Photography: Kamil Krolak
Editor: Kamil Krolak
Camera: Julia Puchovska/ Des Mulcahy/ Fintan Warfield/ Kamil Krolak
Sound: Killian McPartland // Kamil Krolak 00353 868910692 //
©KamilFilms 2011 // ©Kamil Krolak 2011


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