StreetpasS is a famous hiphop dancers from Indonesia. They we're founded by Jecko Siompo in 2006.
on 19th December 2012, StreetpasS will perform live on stage at GBB Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta. They will mix many aspect of art such as drama, indonesian traditional culture, music, film and definitely HIPHOP.

This show will featuring other Indonesian famous dancer such as Chun Funky Papua, Fay Nabila, Joka Karma, Bacuci, IKJ Dancers and The Mirket.

StreetpasS are:
Justin Ohoiulun,Ricky Welkis, Boogie Papeda, Yopa Patty, Gege Diaz, Eten Patty, Apzon Waromsky, Tian Karubaba, Pian Mbeke dan Phytos Harris.

Choreography and Music Director: Jecko Siompo
Visual Director : Djengkols Ilham
Producer : Iwan Pagaralam

About The Video
Camera/Director/Editor : Djengkols Ilham
Music Arranger and Dance Choreographer : Jecko Siompo
Camera Assistant : Anjas Cuomo and Depe Janvie


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