NOTE: Scaled up to HD resolution because of contest parameters, source material at 4:3

A collage of source material from the public domain edited with datamoshed footage from NASA of the sun over the last three years.

Images of freedom and oppression, joy and fear, guilt and fury are juxtaposed and re-contextualized to bring about a crushing sense of mortality.

Video by MutantLeafling
Song by The Flaming Lips

Footage obtained from The Prelinger Archive:
Carl Dreyer: "LA PASSION DE JEANNE D' ARC" (1928)
Buster Keaton: "Sherlock Junior" (1924)
F. W. Murnau: "Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans" (1927)
Robert Wiene: "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" (1920)
NASA|SDO: "3 years of the sun in 3 minutes"
Carmelita: "Fan Dance"
Frigidaire: "Out of this World" Ad Campaign

Prelinger Archive Rights and Licensing Statement as follows:

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You are warmly encouraged to download, use and reproduce these films in whole or in part, in any medium or market throughout the world. You are also warmly encouraged to share, exchange, redistribute, transfer and copy these films, and especially encouraged to do so for free.
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This statement of rights describes the rights granted to you so that you can use films from the online Prelinger collection at the Internet Archive.
Your right to use these films is granted by the Creative Commons Public Domain license.
The works in this collection are in the Public Domain.


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