Showing the result of repostings in the Vimeo group 01SHORTFILM___the group,
in the period December 26 2013 - February 23 2014 as seen in the rss feed of the group. Similar results with repostings seen in several Vimeo groups.

The reposting videos are spamming the groups both in the groups pages and litter the rss feed of the groups with several identical entries. In addition the reposting actions, removing the video from the group and then adding back the identical brilliant video to the same group, are sending other users videos in the group quicker downwards in the group pages, below page one in the group seeming to be an oblivion for the reposters videos, the preference of reposted video position being the group page one. Why these reposted videos added to groups are rewarded with the text “ Added (time since reposting) ago” are a mystery since they already have been added to the groups several times. A visitor to the group home page might believe that a reposted video is new to the group while it is faking to be new. Why is not reposting in the Vimeo system being disabled long time ago? Linux Festival speech synthesis system.

Forum messages with Vimeo staff about repostings, and nothing happens :(
Reposting is still going strong in Vimeo groups
videos reposted in groups is now a problem
Don't let members abuse Groups by removing and re-adding videos.

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