Video Art

Video art from the series Uber Memoria. Filmed on location near Piccadilly Circus, London, UK.

Graded in After Effects, shot on a Sony Z1P 1080 50i, VFX Optical Flares.

As the viewer watches this piece nothing really happens - and that's exactly the point, a kind of 'slow cinema'. The only perceived movement is either atmospheric or optical changes which under closer inspection are played backwards. I like to make artworks that are derived from the traditions of the German Romanticist painters, namely Friedrich, from the very early 19th century, except these types of paintings are durational, only parts of the composition move. They are at their most successful when considered moving paintings as opposed to narrative-driven video.

Uber Memoria is an ongoing series of video art that centres on aspects of memory and place through deliberations of slowness. It re-appropriates various character-based portraits located in medieval religious paintings at St. Michael's church in the Southern German town of Schwaebisch Hall. These images are then recreated through performance and videographed in locations of significance throughout Germany and Australia, as a way of repositioning memories of the original image(s) into locations that themselves hold memories of historical impact thus captured through the image.

Supported by the Place Research Network, RMIT University, Australia and Honeyhouse Films P/L.


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