Video Britain

My Inspiration; a personal project documenting the Scottish Borders on the panoramic format. It takes time; it takes a lot of energy & patience. I continuously explore many remote regions in this particularly stunning part of the Scottish countryside. I’ve hiked up hills in the dark in the middle of a frozen winter at -18 to more sedate rolling hills – this takes real effort.

Using film is my USP, I’m a massive advocate of capturing an original image; I use technology for sure, but ensuring as little post production work as possible ensures the original image quality is maintained. I don’t rely on tech, my Fuji 617 has no batteries, I can take it anywhere, anytime & still capture an image no matter what extremes of cold weather are thrown at me.

I find great solace in exploring, I love to find new locations, I seek out the perfect view all the time. This is a very personal project as I've come from some very dark places & have used this project as a way of forgetting & looking to the future. Hence why it is so very personal to me, I've found beauty in nature to be the very thing that lights my joy & inspires me to experience greater things. Appreciating the joy that the beauty of nature can bring.



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